Challenge: Kid Friendly Vegetarian Main Dish!

Jude likes veggies, but he’s a good little actor isn’t he?

Erika and I have both said that we like to use local and organic ingredients whenever possible, but the organic part can do a number on your food budget, especially when it comes to meat.  So it stands to reason that a smart way to use more organic ingredients without blowing your food budget sky high is to add a couple of meatless meals a week, even if you aren’t a vegetarian.  The problem:  my family loves meat, especially those kiddos.  Enter this week’s challenge:  create a vegetarian main dish that won’t leave them asking that eternal question:  “Where’s the beef???”

Note:  Neither of us are vegetarians.  If you are a strict vegetarian, please consult the labels of all ingredients to make sure they meet your dietary requirements!