Challenge: Eggplant Instead of Meat!!!

It’s eggplant season!  That thought may not immediately get your blood pumping, but here’s why it should:  Eggplant is one of the most culinarily versatile veggies out there.  In fact, its relatively neutral flavor and hearty texture make it the perfect veggie to serve in place of meat on those nights when you think your family is going to turn into a herd of cows if they eat one more burger/plate of spaghetti with meat sauce/sloppy joe/taco…you’re smart, you get the point.

So…the challenge that Erika and I will take on this week is to use eggplant instead of meat in a dish that normally features meat as one of its main components.  Go eggplant!

Special Note:  This lovely photo was taken by SpecialKRB and is used under a Creative Commons license.