Challenge: Butternut Squash Soup!

A first rate soup is more creative than a second rate painting.  ~  Abraham Maslow

Hello, gorgeous!


I love soup.  Love, love, love soup.  Did I mention I love soup?  Every time I go to a good restaurant, I always have the soup as my first course.  For my birthday last week (won’t say which number) the hubs took me out to Hot and Hot Fish Club in downtown Birmingham.  The soup was made from cinderella pumpkin, and it was fully awesome!  I was inspired.  Now a butternut squash is not a cinderella pumpkin, but we’ll call it close enough.  It’s a beautiful veggie and readily available this time of year.  So let’s see who can get more creative with  this noble ingredient.  Bring it, Erika!


This photo is by Ben Moss and is used under a creative commons license.