Challenge: It’s chili outside… Grab a bowl and some crackers!

After a long, long, long, holiday break we’re back!!!  And, despite the fact that I still haven’t answered the last challenge (yes, I’m the one that issued it), I’m ready to issue another one.  (I know, my shamelessness knows no bounds.)

So, when I was in seventh grade, it was the height of cool to trade ‘yo momma’ insults.  Let me explain…  These are the kinds of insults that go like this – Yo momma is so stupid that (insert something witty to a thirteen year old here.)  One of the most popular ones was:  Yo momma is so stupid that somebody said it was chilly outside, and she went and grabbed a bowl and some crackers.  Awesome, I know, but with the deep south in the deep freeze this month, I’m thinking maybe momma wasn’t so stupid after all.  If you ask me, when it’s chilly outside, getting a bowl and some crackers might very well be the wisest course of action.  In my humble opinion, chili is THE ultimate winter comfort meal.  Make a big pot, with enough for leftovers, and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Erika, you are hereby challenged to make chili. (And I promise to make some too.)

The gorgeous chili on the grill photo is by Another Pint Please and is used under a creative commons license.