Challenge: Let Them Eat Squash!

Time to hit the market!!!

We’re baaaack….  Just when you thought it was safe to venture into your kitchen…  NO!  Erika and I are back from our long hiatus and ready to blog!

AND, just as you can barely contain your excitement, something else is back, too…  Fresh, local, produce!  Now that’s what I call a reason to celebrate.  My local farmer’s market is getting into full gear and, while there may not be a ton of variety quite yet, there’s plenty to get excited about.  One such treat:  yellow squash!

Now, I know what you’re thinking…  Yellow squash, a treat?  BUT, before you try to have me involuntarily committed, just hear me out. When I was younger, I didn’t like squash much either, or, I’ll admit, at all.  It was usually served to me gooey, mushy, and suspiciously colorless, boiled within an inch of its poor, little life.  I’m telling you it doesn’t have to be that way!  Fresh squash is way more versatile than that and, with a little creativity, it’s absolutely delicious!

Erika, you are hereby challenged to create a main dish that features fresh, yellow squash as a star ingredient!

The lovely photo of the squash plant is by Davetoaster and is used under a Creative Commons license.