Counterpoint Cooks is a two woman blog featuring Jennie and Erika.  We have been friends for years and we have two major things in common: we both love to cook and we both love a little friendly competition.   We used to compete and collaborate with food by having each other over for dinner but then Jennie’s husband took a job in another state. We needed a new format….and voila!  A blog was born.

The central idea of this blog is that we play off each others’s recipes and dishes to form a point and counterpoint and that our collective work is stronger than either of us alone.  In other words, two spoons are better than one! Each week we tackle a specific food challenge.  Depending on the mood of the Challenger, it could be a certain dish, an interesting theme, or a specific ingredient or all of the above.  Once the challenge is issued, we each post our individual solution – recipe, photos and all.  Try them out and decide which one you think is best (or just look at the pretty pictures).  In addition to the challenges, we each do our own separate posts featuring original recipes and solutions to food related challenges.  Picky kids anyone?

All of our recipes focus on fresh, local and/or organic ingredients whenever possible.   Our recipes are generally easy, budget friendly and kid friendly.  Obviously we can’t promise your kids will eat it, but here’s hoping, right?